2016’s Wishlist and Industrial Engines

Standard Gauge industrial modelling is at times a rare beast in the UK, however 2016’s Wishlist shows an extraordinary desire for the humble industrial engine. In fact an industrial 0-6-0 is the actual wishlist winner.

If you look at the 2016 wishlist results, you will notice with 443 votes that the BR Std 2 is number one. But if you peel back the figures you will notice that there are two extremely similar categories:

Industrial 0-6-0ST – Outside Cylinders

Industrial 0-6-0T – Outside Cylinders

Now some of us would say these are one and the same thing, they had 312 and 309 votes respectively. That puts them at a combined volume of 621 votes. Well above the votes of the BR Std 2. If you dig deeper the results for the 0-4-0 are similar, combining both categories give you a total of 600. 1221 votes for decent industrial RTR locos?

The question is are the manufacturers listening? I think Hornby have hopefully just had that moment of accidentally striking oil.

I have mentioned that the Hornby 0-4-0 Peckett may just save Hornby, but I think industrial modelling may just help bolster the hobby for the next generation. In the modern world of tiny houses and squeezed budgets a small prototypical layout is suddenly an option with a handful of RTR industrial engines. All infinitely customisable and adaptable to every conceivable industry. With steam not eradicated in 1968 but still etched in the memories of further, newer generations.

Prototypical industrial railways followed loose ideas and concepts from their mainline big brothers so they never followed any set of ‘general’ rules. It gives modelers the chance to do that, it means you can be prototypical without actually obeying the prototype. That probably makes about as much sense as starting to watch Game of Thrones midway through the fourth series. But if you think about it what other genre of standard gauge modelling could you comfortably and without a squirm create your own company or livery?

For example check out Bury, Thorn and Sons on RMweb,


See, all fictitious but all very prototypical.


My advice to the manufacturers if any listen is keep them cheap, keep them generic and get them sold,




The only P4 loco in my collection

You do not often get anything ‘Mainliney’ on the blog but sometime ago Mark let me run my green class 26 on Portchullin after I found a cheap Ultrascale conversion set on eBay, finally breaking up all those blue full yellow ends.

As Chris and I are heading to Manchester as two Portchullin Roadies I thought she could go through an exam ready for another meet.

The detailing is a bit past it now as it really is getting on in age and I would do better this time around, however I did modify the suspension, touch up some paint and mount the body the right way around (!) this time so she is ready, along with her maroon Mk1, to travel to Manchester in December…

See you there?

Exam finished

‘Errrrr whats going on?’

Middle – As it started. Top – cut off. Bottom – Modded

Packed and ready for Manchester


An early November update 

It seems a while since I last posted any photos showing various projects on the workbench, there hasn’t been a huge amount going on in honesty, but here are a selection to show I haven’t been completely inactive.

It’s probably worth saying I’m writing this while nursing a hangover so if I’ve dropped any clangers over the next few paragraphs, it’s not my fault!

I picked up a pair of Bachmann Midland brake vans at Uckfield a few weeks ago for a very reasonable price, but was definitely far from convinced with their colour, almost seeming worse than most of Bachmanns other wagons! Although these are too old for BR service in the early 70’s period, they will fit in nicely in industrial service.

I think I need to do a bit more work on the blending of some of the shades on this but it is definitely getting there…

One that’s been sat around for ages awaiting its turn under the weathering brush is this Parkside diagram 109 mineral, which now wears some rust. As with much of my stock, the cleaner side is intended for use with my steam collection while the grubbier side is intended to be more of an early 70’s condition.

Finally, a couple of Red Panda Lowfits are underway for conversion into a twin bolster, although an oversight on my part meant I did the brakes the wrong way round on one! As such I’ll now have to build another pair to get the setup right… good excuse!

That’s about all from me for now, I’ll be out at Tolworth next weekend helping Andy Jones operate Herstmonceux so say hi if you are attending!


Layout Progress #9

Its seems I am back in small jobs season again where every night 30 or 40 minutes seems to pay off with a visual difference, it has reminded me though that this layout has not really been a massive time burner, yeah there were a couple of days I spent a few hours on it, but I would not be far off where I am now if I had stuck to 30 minutes(ish) a day, roughly 5 days a week.

I have to admit though I have felt a lot better for it too, where as a glass of wine may have settled frail nerves post work previously, half an hour and a coffee with the layout seem to do a much better job of bringing stress levels back to a more reasonable rate.

I have certainly noticed a correlation in layout work rate and my stress levels. My job can be quite high pressure and difficult to endure at times and it has been  incredible to have a hobby capable of making that all but disappear. My wife and children have noticed a better me since layout construction begun. So apart from the inhaled weathering powders, accidentally drunk thinners and paint coated hands it may actually be having a positive impact on my health. Or I may just be talking out of my arse.

Anyway modelling…the biggest difference most of you probably saw was in my post last week. A tree. Ordered from 4D models as it was cheap I thought it might perk up the left hand corner. I then found this photo from The Cumbrian Railway Association. The photo shows the crossing the entire layout is based on (but flipped around) and a rather grim shed. This got me thinking I needed a shed and dumped rusty car. (Funny how the mind works)

I duly ordered a resin shed from Peedie Models, again it was cheap, and an Oxford Wolseley 4/44. I was very impressed by Peedie Models as a side note.

As I was researching dumped rusty Wolseleys I came across a photo of one covered in Autumn leaves. The rest I guess is history, well the model actually went up the hoover during a ‘mishap’ and came back out via scissors and a rather horrible job, so any dust on it is the real thing, but that aside here is how that idea panned out:

Before Idea
Post Idea
The whole scene minus that building
The finished Oxford 4/44 – The leaves are from MP Scenery Products




Also a really humbling and awesome thing happened. If you know me and Chris at all, and even follow this blog a little bit, you know we are a little bit into Gordon Edgar’s photos and his books. (His Flickr handle is ‘Kingmoor Klickr’ – check it out)

Without his industrial photos me and Chris would not be doing what we do, this blog probably would not exist and I doubt even our friendship would be what it is. Sounds a bit extreme does that but in all honesty I am being serious, our first joint layout only exists because of those industrial steam photo streams and Six Quarters is based around one single photo of his taken on a damp day in Cumbria. He’s our Ivo Peters. So like everyone seems to do when modelling the SDJR and do Mr Peter’s Bentley I decided to model Gordon’s mode of transport that also features in his photos, his Honda Benly motorcycle.

I emailed Gordon not expecting anything but instead have had some humbling and great replies and I have modelled as best I can with a bashed up P&D Marsh motorcycle that Honda Benly.


Mr Edgar’s Honda Benly

Who said never meet/talk to your heroes?

And here is the layout in it’s natural surroundings. I never understand how people say they never have any room for a model. The fiddle yard lives under my bed and the layout takes up no extra space apart from height in the spare room. Chris Nevard is rumoured to be building a 2 ft x 1 ft layout with off the shelf products. That should put the naysayers to bed once and for all!

And lastly, its been a long winded blog post this one, here is what it is all about, my youngest Isla getting stuck in, nearly every step of this has had some involvement from the kids.


As some people on modelling forums start edging up to 30,000 posts and new models become prohibitively expensive, maybe, just maybe, its time to recapture the true essence of modelling…

Thanks everyone,



Layout Progress #8

Sometimes advice can be so obvious it can feel like a chore giving it, but I am going to do it as I made a monumental cock up in Six Quarters and that is DO YOUR BACKSCENE BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY BUILD THE LAYOUT.

It seems obvious right? Yeah it does. How I wish I decided long ago on what the backscene plan was before tearing off and doing everything else.

My sister had planned to do the backscene following a change of thought against a plain grey wall, but when she saw how much had been done on the layout she shuddered and said she would do it on a bit of paper and I could stick it on. This terrified me as so much was already on the layout it would be super obvious that I had stuck this extra bit of paper down. Also she is super busy being an adult so it was some way off.

As I often do, I had a brain wave, a brain wave so clever I instantly impressed only myself. Of course I would do it, what I mused could possible go wrong?

Well it surely would go wrong, but my sister’s planned bit of paper would surely cover up my monumental cock up? What I did not remind myself was the last time I drew anything was when I was 7 and I sketched myself flying a spitfire over Dover Castle. No one could tell that from the unfathomable drawing, but that is what I meant it to be. It lived on the fridge until it was ‘accidentally’ binned circa Summer ’95.

So armed with some charcoal pencils and a £1.49 coloured pencil set I went for it. The brief was a backscene that took your eye off the stark grey but did not mean a viewer would shout ‘WTF?’ when he or she first looked at it.

My darling wife who can criticise me for walking down the stairs in a certain way looked at the layout and shouted said ‘SO WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME?’ which is the biggest compliment, trust me if it looked outrageous she would of said and she did not even notice until I pointed it out, then I think she even said she liked it.

However at 1500 I nearly took the layout outside and set fire to it as I was not happy, but since then I have dragged everyone into the spare room (post man, milkman, man in the wardrobe) and they have all said that in a impressionistic way its not obvious. Also Chris likes it and was dead against any rash burning. So following are some photos of it with it’s new backscene, some new weathered wagons (put a wash on the 21 ton hoppers), some waiting to be painted Knightwing bits AND some progress on the left hand side.

Note also the new pile of scrap metal (I really need to remove the flash line on the drum)

The reason progress has kicked off on the left hand side is I finally managed to make it to Pete’s workshop to get cracking on the building, we did not do as much as we thought we would as we chatted and procrastinated a lot. However at least I know the size of it.

In terms of locos at the foot of this post is a fixed up 08 shunter. The only model to get smashed in the house move over 2 years ago I managed to fix it with Plastikard and turn it VERY industrial.

And thank you folks, we hit over 10000 views this week. That is incredible as really this blog is a load of nonsense.

Backscene as a ‘whole’


New metal pile and backscene



Washed wagons and Knightwing loader


Zoom on the finished (well painting at least) Hornby new 21 tonner
Waste ground taking shape next to the hole. That car won’t live there, something more evil will.
Pete’s Workshop


Industrial 08 takes shape – Bits from RT models as always
Ignore those bent rods…