Mini Update on Pit Checks

While the front of the layout needs a repaint, I decided to go backside before face and add on the ‘point handles’ eBay came up trumps with three NCB Hatfield pit checks which I thought would bring the whole theme together…


Visions of Steam…

A while back, while visiting the Foxfield Railway, a browse through one of the second hand stands produced a book by the title above. 

Now we, as with many others I’m sure, tend to gloss over the wonderfully generic ‘steam’ books so often seen, which on the whole provide little information of interest to the reader. For some reason we picked this one up and after a very quick flick through, it was put on the must buy pile and cash changed hands.

What is presented inside is a wonderful selection of high quality images showcasing the last days of industrial steam in South Wales – of particular note are the shots showing the more human side of operations.

If you come across this book it is well worth a buy!

Saturday Steel

It occurred to me that it is only a couple of weeks until I make my annual pilgrimage to Scunthorpe for a trip round the steelworks courtesy of the Appleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society (AFRPS) who operate out of a small compound within the vast steelworks complex.

For anyone who has not done one of these tours and is into industrial railways, I strongly recommend it as a must visit!

I have shared below a few pictures from a hot sunny day (yes the sun really does shine in Scunthorpe!) last August when I last visited. Fingers crossed this year there will not be too many signs of decline after the awful couple of years the UK steel industry has been through…



Plus a couple from a few years ago when the weather was certainly much more atmospheric (ie it was pouring down all day). Were I to find space to model a steelworks, it would have to be on a wet, overcast day!


Thats all for now. I am planning on collecting my new layout from my parents house at some point in the next week so hopefully some further progress will begin to be seen on that!




Friday Filth

These sets of videos probably sum up why modelling the NCB is for me, however part 4 as featured above is so great I wanted to share it with all of you.

They are well edited and the information supplied is well worth listening too, turn up the speakers and enjoy Austerities doing what they do best…