The case for something finer

As it snows outside it’s time for the first post. Not so much a monthly update as it will normally be, more of a small note on why we do what we do. Its became apparent that the detail now available on ready to run T&RS has made us forget the golden years of the detailed train set.

The problem facing modellers today as they progress through their experience and requirements is the infrastructure available to them is the same as it’s been for generations. 

Finescale track is the answer and contrary to popular belief it is not the hardest thing on earth. We’re newish converts, we reached the stage when Peco, or other manufacturer’s products, weren’t hitting the spot for us. As our stock become more detailed and we required more levels of realism the only option we had was to start working with finescale track. It has surprised us just how easy it really is. 

Stoating Bank was the first layout me or Chris had made with finescale track and hand built points, and we got it wrong, and we learnt. Your expensive models deserve good track, and with a little effort it isn’t far off achieving. And finescale to us doesn’t mean EM or P4, it means OO finescale. Under weathering and at exhibition distances only the truest of purists will see the difference. 

Imagine in your head, the exhibition layouts that have stuck in your mind as achieving the level of awesomeness you too want to gain? And then think how many of them we’re laid with Peco track?

Finescale track is the path to model railway happiness – we’re sure of that. 

You can let your imagination run wild too, no longer confined to the specific shapes of Peco’s turnouts. Your free to model exact locations, curved points, anything that takes your fancy!

There are three companies selling ready to go flexi track in finescale for OO, so take your pick and give a section a go. But we warn you once you’ve gone finescale, there is no going back!

When Chris gets a moment I’ll get him to upload some of Black Gold’s turnouts currently under construction and a quick note on stages. I’m back upstairs with my cup of tea to finish my LMS brake van.

Happy Modelling folks and stay warm its cold outside!



One thought on “The case for something finer

  1. Good posting Oly. You pretty much encapsulated my own thoughts regarding track work and Peco et al just ain’t flicking my switch any more. I like the idea of EM but modelling the Waverley over a thirteen year period offers a bigger re gauging task than I can afford and coupled with all the other tasks I need to do would take far more time than I have left on earth! So, 00 FS is the one for me too. I have a C&L B8 standing by waiting for the onslaught!
    Good luck with the blog guys!

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