On the workbench: April 2013

Another boring month on the workbench, although plenty of modelling has been going on it has revolved around wiring, and as such there is no real visible progress on the stock front, although with the wiring done the layout is moving along on the bits you can see!

Anyway, the important news is…… IT WORKS!!!!!

On top of the baseboard, the tracks towards the right hand fiddle yard have now been layed. Running out of chairs meant that only one of the lines got concrete sleepered track, the down line having to revert to wooden sleepers – perhaps the 4mm Pway gang will be along soon to relay it…



I have also managed to get the track painted and the first layer of ballast down on the low level. There are a few bits where it will need some additional chippings added and it all needs weathering but so far so good!



The first of the arches are now in place supporting the high level lines on the right hand end of the layout – this end is supposedly more built up than the left hand end, at which the track is largely on an embankment. Using second hand arches from the previous club layout is far from ideal, there is still a lot of work to be done to them to get them looking realistic and they need repainting, but we will get there! The arches will be occupied by a variety of small businesses, and some basic fronts have begun to appear, mainly scratchbuilt from mountboard.

This photo also shows what Oly has been busy on this month – the Marina in that beautiful shade of brown custard is from the Oxford Diecast range, and would be a brand new rep-mobile in the period modelled – seemingly said rep has not yet treated it to a wash…. This along with the other cars are awaiting some new number plates and etched mirrors before being signed off as complete.


We have also been doing some experimenting with brick colours and weathering in order to represent the yellow London brick that will help tie down the location of the layout. So far this is the result achieved on the test piece, which we are pretty happy with, although a couple of different shades of weathering could do with being introduced for variety. Paint is a mix of Revell Dark Tan and Desert Sand, and weathering is from some black artists pastels:


Finally, to leave you, a photo of a Crompton running off the Southern region onto Midland metals with a Brighton to Cricklewood parcels train, it almost looks like something from a Bradford Barton book!


Thats all for this month, hopefully Railex at the end of May should provide plenty of small parts needed to get loads of loco projects that have been hanging around for ages finished!






4 thoughts on “On the workbench: April 2013

  1. “the Marina in that beautiful shade of brown custard”

    I believe the official designation was ‘Dogsh*t Brown’ 🙂 Must get my mitts on one of those; saw the Blaze one at Cleethorpes today, it really does catch the shape well IMHO.

  2. Forgot to say – I grew up on
    a staple diet of Bradford Bartons. They may not be the height of literary achievement, but those diesel volumes don’t half catch the period.

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