On The Workbench: June 2013

First up this month we have a couple of Choppers:

D8316 has been modelled on a photo of her taken in 1968 while she was allocated to the Scottish Region. This is a Bachmann model that has been renumbered and had indicator blinds added instead of dominoes. Oly used T-Cut to give the BR Blue that reasonably new paint finish, although she is still far from clean…..




Next up is 8020, in a less loved condition. This model wears faded BR Green and has been renumbered, sporting TOPS font numbers and TOPS panels on blue backgrounds as per the prototype when it was allocated to Tinsley in late 1970:




I have been working on a couple of wagons. Firstly this Parkside LNER twin bolster. However, being unhappy with the quality of mouldings for the bolsters when they were assembled, I decided to remove them and put it into use as a plate. This had been done to the majority of these wagons by the turn of the 70’s so I have followed BR’s example! Once painted a plate load will be added, thus hiding the damage from where the bolsters were mounted. I plan to replace the bottom beams on the chassis with some metal before painting – the plastic ones supplied with the kit simply do not have the strength to travel the distance and bend around all over the place:


A nice easy project was the weathering job on this Bachmann 16 tonner. This model appears to represent a re-bodied example so I have kept the weathering light – in this case just a wash and a small amount of dry brushing:


A bit more work was carried out on this ex-LNER 7 planker, which would have been pretty much life expired by 1970. Most of the planks were repainted in a couple of different timber shades before the whole thing was faded using a good few very thin washes of white acrylic:


A quick repaint out of British Railways red and cream has transformed the look of this Base Toys Thames Trader – With the addition of some mirrors it will be ready to enter service with a local haulier.


Every layout needs a car looking in a bad way it seems, and here is mine.  An Oxford Diecast BMC Mini that has been abused and shows plenty of evidence of tin worm taking over, although the owner has obviously been taking steps to repair the front wing….


Thats all for this month, we have a couple of other projects on the way though and will update as and when these surface!



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