On the Workbench: December 2013

Well, 2013 has now departed and before we leave it totally behind, we have time for a slightly overdue workbench update, which, coinciding with the run up to Christmas etc is a bit lighter than normal for 2 months worth of modelling….


First up, as part of his ‘Fife ’67’ project, Oly has been working on a Dave Alexander kit for the LNER group standard 3500 gallon tender, this will mate with a modified Bachmann J39, probably on a Comet chassis, to spawn a J38, either 65901 or sister 65911, both still working from Thornton Jct in February 1967……



Although still in its early stages, this little Andrew Barclay is likely to take a starring role on the new layout banking coal trains uphill from the offscene colliery…..


A humble Airfix brakevan takes shape…..


As do the early stages of a rake of hoppers, being built from Parkside kits.


While the standard Bachmann ex. LNER 13T open looks a lot better with a touch of weathering…..


Ideas of what will be happening can be gleaned from this photo of a EE type 1 on a coal train crossing a Clayton hauled van train…..


I have had a pretty quiet month on the whole, although one side of the lowered Bachy 37 has gained an identity as 6739, a South Yorkshire engine in the very early 70’s….


The Hunslet 50550 has also been finished off with some works and nameplates from Narrow Planet, who come highly recommended. Alas she did not win the modelling competition at toy train club but hey ho! The front lamp brackets are deliberately bent for the record!


Finally, the French door 16T mineral wagon has been in the paint shops for some rusting attention, this time I used a different technique to usual and it has given pleasing results for a cleaner wagon – although I am not really sure how it fits into an early 70’s scenario in this condition!


Thats about it for this month, happy new year to all our readers, it never ceases to amaze us how many people out there are interested in reading about our projects so thank you all!

Until next time….



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