We ain’t dead yet

We are still alive.

I know blogs that never get regularly updated are something of an annoyance, but this year has been crazy for me and Chris with a lot going on in the background. And when I say crazy I mean batty crazy, but life is calming down now.

With what little spare time me and Chris have had, we have crammed in as much modelling as possible.

I’m now cracking on with a layout now my life settles back down. I know I’ve cracked on with a LOT of layouts but after a massive heart to heart and a rational approach to what’s happening I’m in a much better modelling place. The layout is called ‘Ferryhill’. Set in Liverpool between 68/69/70 It will cover the last gasps of steam. I also plan on running some ‘what ifs’ in terms of LMS 3rd rail electrics, so watch this space.

Chris has been busy cooking up EM gauge plans, there is a LOT of MGRs going on and some sweet conversions of stock. He’s recently laserglazed a class 31, a job I do not envy him.

Over this week and into the weekend I’ll update with a bit more information and me or Chris will get on some regular updates.

Here’s something to hopefully wet you appetite.

It’s nice to be back,



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