Safety First…..

Of late, modelling updates on this blog have been few and far between, as addressed by Oly in the previous post. However, rest assured things have been going on in the background just at a much reduced rate over previous years, real life does, every now and then, get in the way of our modelling.

Oly hinted towards my MGR project which I have been soldiering on with over the past 6-9 months – basically an upgrade programme for 15 of Hornby’s Railroad range MGR hoppers. I chose to batch build these, but this has probably led to the project evolving more slowly – it can be a struggle to find the enthusiasm to fit 30 replacement axles or 60 brake pipes!

By way of a distraction, and shoved up the priorities list by moving house, I have started working on some stock boxes to provide safe storage for my stock as it roles off the workbench. Previously it landed on my layout and that was that but with the permanent layout no longer available something more substantial than a shoe box was required! Given that I have (somehow!) amassed a collection of somewhere in the region of 120 wagons now, I needed to think reasonably big – the idea of a large stack of small boxes did not appeal.

Walking past Poundstretcher on the way home one evening, my eye was drawn to these crates, advertised on a board outside; further investigation inside the store revealed that the lid was reasonably secure and the box strong enough, so a pair were duly purchased:


Cue the first issue – they don’t fit through the boot opening on my car. Oh well, the back seat it is then!

What I thought was going to be a quick, cheap project has so far consumed much more time than initially advertised, and although the cost is minimal compared to a professional stock box, it’s still not that cheap – all in I think I will be looking at around £55 for the pair including all glue etc… A good number of hours have been spent fiddling with stock to see which fits on which shelf best – the tapered design of the box allows the shelves to get larger as they go up, also allowing you to get your fingers round the ends to remove each level.

However progress is now being made – a stack of dividers are made up ready to go, although these won’t last long I fear:


There are also a couple of trays either complete or nearing completion and loaded with stock – note the MGR shelf allows me to build another 6 in the future – oh joy!



And an idea of how much stock can go into each one – although obviously it will end up somewhat neater!


Despite this, it is quite alarming how quickly I seem to have managed to fill the trays! I am finding doing a small amount of foam board cutting or glueing each night is driving the project forward without it becoming monotonous, so will aim to keep going at this pace as I head towards the second stock box and doing it all again…..

Finally, to finish, Oly built me a small EM gauge display plank so I thought I would use it to good effect, and display EE Type 1 8020, recently gauge widened to ‘EMish’, even though she is missing an indicator disk, which became dislodged during the move and is now on the ‘to do’ list.


Happy Modelling Folks!



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