It doesn’t have to be perfect…..

Many years ago I brought a first release Bachmann 08 in plain green, and with a wash of weathering and nothing else it served me well through earlier years. Then I moved the period I modelled back and it became surplus to requirements – the need to add wasp stripes put me off doing anything with it, so I left it in a corner.

Having managed to get my hands on a blue one earlier this year for a very reasonable price, and looking at options for converting to EM, I decided to use the chassis off the green one to experiment with pulling the standard wheels out. This proved the idea didn’t work and I would need to order some Ultrascales, but I sort of fell back in love with the old green one a bit…. I decided to experiment with doing my own wasp stripes, using the same techniques as I used in on the Hunslet 50550 a couple of years ago, but obviously applied to a larger area. If it went horribly wrong and looked crap, which is what I expected, I would get rid of the body and sell the chassis to a narrow gauge modeller. If it went right I would invest in some new wheels for it too.

Below are a couple of pictures of what it’s turned out like – several coats of Phoenix warning yellow provide a base and the stripes are done with a black CD writing pen, freehand. The stripes are different widths, and not all straight, it definitely wouldn’t win any awards, but you know what, I’m actually pretty happy with it as a recovery from nothing!


It needs a bit more weathering and some numbers/warning flashes and handrails but has warranted me splashing out on a set of Ultrascales for it too! (When I get paid….) I think it will be fine pottering around on a layout from normal viewing distances, maybe not so blown up to A3 for a magazine but it just goes to show that something doesn’t have to be perfect to be acceptable. Hopefully that will inspire more people to get out knives and paintbrushes and have a go at doing something they have been meaning to do for ages but haven’t had the confidence to start.



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