Stock Box Update

Readers of this blog may remember my post from a couple of months ago, in which I described the start of construction on a couple of stock boxes.

Well, I’m pleased to say that finally they are as good as finished! What I had intended to be a quick project over a couple of weekends has actually taken about 4 months, but, as we know, that is usually the case so I should learn not to expect these things! Admittidley, work has not been constant more a couple of intense sessions when I’ve felt in the mood, but it still took massively longer than expected!

Anyway, here are the finished items, ready to safely transport my stock to wherever it may be needed, and keep it tidy and, hopefully, almost dust free when at home and not in use.

Each container contains six trays, all made from 5mm foam board, with the depth being either 40mm (ideal for open wagons and flats etc) or 50mm (for locos and vans etc). They are pretty big containers but I’d rather two large ones than a large number of individual boxes.

Opening the lid and removing the trays (which will get some ribbon added to make removal a bit easier) it is possible to see how much stock is accommodated within! I’ve always felt myself lucky to have a large collection of rolling stock, but to fill the containers I need considerably more!


The empty spaces will of course get filled over the coming years as various other projects are completed….. At the moment there is a large amout of stuff in various stages of completion to get on with as well so don’t worry, I won’t be giving up modelling any time soon!

Two of the trays are earmarked to be completely filled with mineral wagons (16T and similar, not hoppers) which, if my maths is correct means 70 can be accommodated – as such I am currently picking up a range of kits for these, particularly focussing on the old Airfix kit, which polishes up very nicely and can be picked up very cheaply, especially when compared to its Bachmann contemporary, following their price rises. Believe it or not you can still build a model railway on a reasonably tight budget while allowing the Chinese an almost decent wage for the products they make!

Until next time.



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