More Wagonisation….

Evening all,

 Just a quick one to show a few modelling projects that are sat on the shelf awaiting finishing, mostly awaiting a coat of paint:

Andy Jones (see his Ouse Valley Modeller blog) recently donated a couple of Parkside Tube wagons to me, as they were too modern for his early ’50’s period replicated excellently on Herstmonceux. A set of couplings and some wheels, plus some weathering has seen it brought to a complete state ready for traffic – I just need to give it a load now!

Next up is the first of 4 Parkside LNER plate wagons I’m doing, to make up a rake, with a few additions for variety. This one is ready to head off into the paint shop.


I’ve also been working on some Bachmann 16 tonners. Oly weathered a few of these for me a while back, and I’ve done a couple more to match. Most of these have been repainted in Revell number 76, although a couple still wear the Bachmann grey for a little variety. I’m really happy with the way these look now, and am looking forward to reuniting them with their chassis and declaring the ready for traffic.


Finally, I picked up the required plastic to get the strengthening bars on my MGR’s done, and these are now around 2/3rds complete. This modification has transformed the look of the wagons and I finally feel they are moving away from being straight out the box….. Roll on the next job, weathering.

That’s all for now.


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