This week I’ve managed to get a few of the Psrkside hoppers that have been built recently into the paint shop for a coat of grey and some (or a lot) of rust treatment….. Although all are awaiting their numbers and a few additional shades of weathering to highlight certain areas:

The only rebodied vehicle that will appear on the layout is this one – it will stay very clean with only minimal rust damage – for the era of the layout this would be recently out the works. I’ve left this in its base primer colour as a bit of variety from the rest.

This BR welded body example has been rusting away quite nicely but shows evidence of some patch repairs.

Finally, another BR welded body example, this one in much better condition. This one also has roller bearing axle boxes for a bit of further variety.

The complete rake of hoppers is starting to look quite impressive now, I’m really happy with how they are looking! I really must get round to adding some transfers to them though and giving them an identity….    

Last up, a non coal carrying vehicle, the plate featured in the last update has now been painted too – a mistake at the painting stage lead to me trying to rescue it quickly and in the process an alternative rusting technique was discovered which actually turned out pretty well for low sided wagons such as this I think! Although trying it out on a larger wagon was less successful (read a complete flop!). I’m not really sure on how the interior of this should be finished (painted metal, grey?) so would appreciate anyone offering any feedback on this.


Until next time.



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