The Day Job

It has been a fair few weeks since I finished my 33/2, so what have I been doing?

In terms of modelling, not a great deal. Chris is currently working on a plan for a proper exhibition layout for me, as when it comes to plans he is most definitely the man. There will be a write up in due course from Chris on some tips for layout design. My tip is to know Chris Matthews.

Mid August me and Chris are off to Mr Tatlows for a modelling day where I am going to start on a VAA and a VDA for said new layout. The date hopefully coinciding with a change in workload and more modelling time in general.

So what have I been doing? Well here is an insight.

My day job at the minute has seen me spending time in Germany, at Siemens Testing and Validation centre at what was RAF Wildenwrath.

I am the ‘Train Bourne Systems Manager’ for the class 700 project, working for the operator. In Layman’s terms I am responsible for the testing and introduction of the train operationally.

The first unit is due to be delivered to England imminently so my role has changed into somewhat of a trainer as the team I work in has been used to train the Testing Drivers who will undertake the test running in England. I am currently in the last three weeks of that, only getting 30 or so hours back in Blightly between courses.

The site the training takes place in is a train spotters paradise with every new Siemens train passing through the site which compromises of various test circuits and lines. New Eurostars to new trams are out testing 24 hours a day.

With any luck after the next couple of weeks the job will be more England based so I can carry on being a Father, a Husband and most importantly a modeller.

Happy Modelling,



Me in full flow
A trainee getting to grips on the largest of the test rings
Another Class Finished
Another Class Finished

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