National Wagon Preservation Group

Hi All,

Although not a modelling post, I’d like to draw your attention to a new society set up that’s well worth your support.

Initially formed as the MGR wagon appeal, the society has now officially formed into the National Wagon Preservation Group, with the intention of preserving as many wagons as possible that have played a vital part in the haulage of goods on our railway over the years but largely been forgotten about.

This was brought about by the realisation that there are now than 30 of our beloved MGR hoppers still in existance, from a fleet once numbering thousands.

So far the group has secured one MGR and intends on saving a good number more, along with other key wagons such as HEA’s,VAA’s etc. these wagons have been passing from our railways and been completely overlooked by the preservation movement, who’s focus has, naturally, been on coaches and locos, plus short wheelbase wagons.

The groups HMA wagon, now in safe hands at Barrow Hill.

If you join before the end of August, it’s just £10.00  and still only £15.00 from September. Funds will be used to collect and restore as many artefacts as possible from this neglected yet important period of wagon development. I would urge as many people as possible to join before it is too late for many of these wagons that are already on borrowed time….. I already have!

More information can be found by visiting or log going onto the groups Facebook page.



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