Making something from a duff Duff

Here at OTCM towers, we are only too happy to admit that not everything goes to plan, that we learn from our mistakes, and that a lot of what we did a few years ago doesn’t really satisfy us any more… 

Anyway, one that definitely didn’t go to plan first time round was an attempted backdating of a Bachmann class 47, retro fitting headcode blinds and doing a few other jobs. Once it had gone wrong it was put to one side and left for a rainy day.

I have been working on trying to bring this loco back from the dead for a few months, and now, aside from a few etched detailing bits I need to pick from Shawplan, she is ready for weathering. Please excuse the odd reflections the sun has created on the areas where the transfers have been varnished down – this will be dealt with when it comes to weathering….

1900 was a Tinsley allocated Brush 4 in the early 70’s, and went on to become a member of the 47/3 subclass. She will likely spend much time on point with my MGR’s on the draw hook.

For something that was only supposed to be a small detailing project, it all got a bit involved, with chassis modifications, correcting the mistakes Bachmann made by fitting 47’s with 57 bogies and removing some excess plastic, Laserglaze and some re profiling of the cab ends…

I’ll post some more photos when the model is complete and a bit grubby!



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