ExpoNG 2015

Yesterday saw ExpoNG take place in Swanley, Europe’s premier narrow gauge event with exhibitors from far and wide.

Although not a narrow gauge modeller as such, I appreciate its appeals, and when asked for help operating my friend Tom Dauben’s layout ‘Isle Ornsay’ (see here ) I was only too happy to oblige, since some of the modelling on show, and ingenuity of some features is worth a visit in itself…

Here are a few photos of Tom’s layout I took during the day:

 And here are some of the other layouts that caught my eye around the show, although I cannot remember the names of them – going to a show the day after a wedding meant I was slightly mind-blank..!

Another show well worth a visit!




3 thoughts on “ExpoNG 2015

    1. I’d agree Jamie – at the moment The layout has a bit of an uncertain future, so I think there is only one more show booked for it – I believe Tom is looking to sell it if he decides not to continue with it though so it may end up in at some more northerly shows at some point in the future!

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