Cold, Wet and Windy

Its fair to say not much modelling has occurred of late. For me its fair to say the modelling mojo has died off as work has ramped up and the weather has dark and horrible.

The class 700 is finally about to appear on the mainline for testing so my life has been completely taken up by that. It is a very intense period but it has meant that I have come into contact with Chris in a professional capacity, which was new for both of us.

But we have taken time out to remind ourselves why we like trains and took a day off to do some good old fashion bashing on the Cumbrian coast behind a 37.

It was really the first time me and Chris had done a mainline bash as we were a bit young when it was all happening.

So here we are at Carlisle after a mammoth journey. Funny faces the order of the day.


In terms of modelling, this Sunday I’m holding a modelling day at my gaff so should get some stuff completed.

I’ve had a pair of baseboards delivered from Model Railway Solutions that need a bit of modification for what I have in mind. A woodworking weekend is planned for the new year.

Think border counties, think cold, wet, windy, overgrown and abandoned, sprinkle in some narrow gauge with added desolation and you are pretty much there with what I have in mind.

Chris and I are looking forward to getting back on the circuit behind it.

And no I still haven’t finished that ruddy class 37.


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