It Finally Happened!

Finally, after months of hard graft and tough times the class 700 went out on the mainline last night. And it worked without any issues.

This means from now on for around 3 years a class 700 will be testing pretty much every day in some form or another. It’s an epic schedule of delivery and testing for a 115 strong fleet, including operator testing, infrastructure testing, automatic driving testing and European signalling testing. So really the fun has only just begun.

It is an amazing feeling to be at a level where what you do translates to the below and its been quite humbling to experience that.




One thought on “It Finally Happened!

  1. Great work from you and your team Oly. You’ve got the job through all the development stages and off the launch pad. Just ironing out the odd wrinkle now.
    I suspect a short pause for celebration wouldn’t be amiss. 🙂

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