Day trip to North Lincolnshire 

You may have spotted my post last week, alluding to a trip into wildest North Lincolnshire….

One of the benefits of working in the rail industry, and particularly in my case, a train planning office, is the number of like minded people around – there’s certainly no need to discreetly hide that dirty magazine (be it MRJ or RM) in your bag on entering the office! As such, in conversation with a colleague the other week, we found that I was looking to visit the ex GC lines in Lincolnshire prior to removal of the semaphores this Christmas, while the area formed an island of non-highlighted track on his 2003 network map. A plan was hatched!

Arriving at Waterloo East at 08.00 I was greeted by a snow storm. In November. In central London. Just what you want when you have about 10 connections to make in a day. 

Fortunately the weather cleared up as we headed north, and we connected onto TPE for the run to Grimsby Town. I’ve been over the old South Yorkshire Railway route to Scunthorpe a few times (I’ll get round to blogging about the steelworks tours there at some point but to quickly say they are well worthwhile) but the run to Grimsby past Barnetby was new to me.

 Arrival at Grimsby saw us change under the retro 70’s station lamps for a 153 for the trip to Barton-on-Humber and back, taking in the boxes at Ulceby, Goxhill and New Holland, staying on board to Cleethorpes on the return journey, where a very decent pint was hastily consumed in the bar on the platform.

Guess where we are headed next! 

It was essential this trip was undertaken on a Saturday so we could head to Sheffield on the Saturday only service via Gainsborough Central. 2hrs 3 minutes on a ‘Posh Pacer’ went remarkably quickly, with plenty of railway interest to keep an eye out for, although the run down state of Brigg and Gainsborough Central stations were definitely not a credit to Network Rail and Northern!

Suffient dwell time was planned in Sheffield for a visit to the Sheffield Tap in the station buildings, a pub we are both massive fans of! Inside, as well as the brewery, we found a controversial individual showing an allegiance to rolling stock that is deffinitely out of favour with the DFT!

 After a short hop to Doncaster, via Midland and GC metals, it was back to Kings Cross for a return to Kent, walking in the door just before midnight – a long day but well worth it!

Modelling related post coming soon, this is a modelling blog, honest!



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