The Flying Bog Seat

I hope all of you out there had an amazing Christmas or just simply enjoyed whatever it is you were doing.

I am lucky enough to have between Christmas and New Years off which has meant I could finally knuckle down to some layout planning.

Since Stoating unofficially retired from the exhibition circuit me and Chris have never replaced the  old girl and our lives have moved on more rapidly than a rusting Lancia in sea air.

As some of you may have guessed me and Chris no longer live in the same town, hell we are an hour and a half apart. So layout design is something I have had to learn, thankfully though Whatsapp has helped the process and has made a basic attempt at what was once face to face communication.

Chris will hopefully readily admit that we are probably the worst at ‘Oh that is a great idea lets model it’ and I have had plenty of false starts. I have gone from pillar to post trying to dream up something original and interesting but that crucially makes me want to build it all in a very limited space.

As usual it has come full circle. Since Stoating the world of model industrial locations has gone bang. A RTR Janus followed by the closing of the UK’s last deep mine seemed to me that a deeper force was screaming at me to look back to the NCB.

Stoating had a LOT of issues and my naivety as a modeller was happily disguised by snow. I feel my modelling has finally given me an opportunity to model something I would feel comfortable showing. Stoating had a lot to like though and hopefully in the new plan I have captured what made Stoating likeable and can improve and develop the idea.

So meet the 1:1 scale flying bog seat.


As Chris has alluded the new GWR BLT is a diesel depot layout. So instead of shying away I thought ‘how would I do it’. As usual EMgauge70s gave the inspiration with Villier Street, I would change the viewing angle.

If this layout was situated at a left hand end of an aisle the viewer would be able to see over 3/4 of everything. This thought process suddenly triggered pictures in my mind of ‘Pontarddulais shed’. Have a look below:

Now imagine that view was taken from a fiddle yard.

Flying bog seat
Notice fizzy wine, baby monitor and spoons for pudding. How very grown up. Also notice that bloody 37 is back.

So here it is, the flying bog seat NCB loco depot. The ‘Main’ will be on a 6mm – 0mm gradient with the 6mm starting at the FY end (the 37 is climbing up with the engine shed in the foreground) and there are no points whatsoever. In reality I should be able to squeeze the three lines even closer together.


Here is the original script:


So what’s next? Well my Old Man vice Chris will be the wood working genius as he is great with wood (Ed – What is this ‘Carry on Model trains’?)

Once the baseboards and fully fitted pelmet are done (the pelmet will match the curvature of the layout) then track laying etc.

I fully plan on keeping anybody who wants to know up to date with the progression of the layout right through to an exhibition. So stay tuned and it just leaves me to show you my ARC Andrew Barclay all primed up looking for an NCB loco shed layout…




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