Quick Telford D+E show review


As Evie paruses through the latest MRJ over breakfast the dust settles after the first D+E show at Telford.

Chris and I were invited by Mr Tatlow to help operate Portchullin along with Peter Bond (EM gauge modeller, racing car driver and professional dancer)

It was a great weekend as always, the show was held in a venue with carpet (small pleasures) and at times seemed rather quiet but that meant there was plenty of opportunity for mooching about spending money you do not have and meeting people.

Stand out for me was the utterly pornographic Worcester Road.



I also really enjoyed Kinmundy which with frost on is always going to be close to my heart


As far as I am aware the show is on again next year and the only thing missing was something from emgauge70s.co.uk

The venue looked perfect for Mr Hardy’s Hornsey Broadway…..

And I have just remembered I really need to do that Andrew Barclay write up.



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