ARC Models Andrew Barclay 0-6-0 Review

Good Evening Readers,

A couple of weeks ago there was a quick snap of an ARC models kit nearing completion.

Today it has finally been completed. Model Rail, Hornby Mag and BRM have all recently done reviews on ARC Model kits, so here is OTCM’s (obviously the one you have all been waiting for).

The kit is fundamentally the easiest thing you will ever do, the hardest bit will be adding the handrails. In fact its difficult to even call it a kit really.

My only criticisms are that the cab uprights can be quite fragile due to their thin nature (one snapped for me. Obviously I proper lashed it up and a crack is still there – nothing short of laziness) and the footsteps are paper thin and it is almost a guarantee that you will lose a step or too. A Mainly Trains etch could sort this out no issues.

Finally if you want to fit some finescale couplings to it like I have, behind the buffer beam is a solid piece of resin at both ends which holds the resin tightlocks if you use these. It takes a monumental amount of drilling to get it to accept the shank of a Smith’s hook.

On top of the kit I added a Giesel from RT models. It has bent handrails and knocked about bits but it adds to the character and the close ups really show up every problem with it of which as always there are a few.

The chassis is the Hornby international 0-6-0 job and it is a fantastic little bit of engineering. Here is a photo of the chassis for those who do not know it, its a proper little cracker and available for about £40.

25327409686_ab0058409a_cWeathering was just a good going over with an airbrush and then powder, powder, powder.

She is nice and rough for her late 70s appearance and in more natural light the weathering is not so in your face.


I am looking forward to some more models from ARC. It gives the modeller not keen on soldering irons and chassis jigs the chance for something a bit different for good value. The scope for adding bits and doing some proper modelling is there without the need for a million tools and materials.

It is a great armchair modellers kit, so fingers out and have a go.

There may even be a proper layout update soon…



One thought on “ARC Models Andrew Barclay 0-6-0 Review

  1. They were such cracking little models. Such a shame they suddenly stopped. I enquired about what his plans were for the moulds etc. but never heard anything back.

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