Persuing Perfection: Canada Street.

Last weekend saw Tonbridge MRC’s annual show taking place. Although we were away for the weekend at the D&E show in Telford, I was able to go along for the setup on Friday evening to help out and inspect the layouts being set up.

The main reason for my visit was the chance to see Pete Johnson’s Canada Street, a layout we have been watching develop with much interest over recent years over on EMGauge70’s. This layout gets it all right from my perspective, capturing the delights of run down post industrial Britain during the 60’s and 70’s brilliantly, continuing the theme set by its predecessor, Canada Road.

Below are some photos taken while the layout was still being set up, and as such before some of the smaller details and the backscene/lighting were added, but hopefully these go some way to illustrating the quality of workmanship on display. To top it all off, Pete is one of the nicest guys you can meet and is happy to chat about the construction techniques used!

Hopefully this will be the first of an occasional series of posts that aim to show some of the very best (in our eyes at least) modelling that is out there to be viewed on the exhibition circuit, no matter what it’s scale or prototype. Keep your eyes peeled for part 2, which will feature something French and narrow gauge!



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