Layout Progress #1 – But Still No Name

Good Afternoon,

In between real life I have been beavering away at the new plank.

The track has been laid directly to the boards with PVA, nothing special there.

The only deviation I did take was to cut out the sleeper webbing on the C+L flexitrack, this is a job that seemingly takes forever but gave me the opportunity to position the sleepers in a less than uniform fashion (both intentionally and unintentionally). If I was doing it on a larger layout I am not sure I could bring myself to do it again. However it does look better to my eye.

I realised after laying that the points were slightly lower than the C+L track so a quick lift and a tiny piece of packing saw this sorted. Should of looked straight away but was too excited about doing some p-way to notice.

On top of this the majority of wiring with the track droppers has been undertaken, leaving just the points.

As mentioned previously thanks to Matt’s Railroad blog I imported some cheap as chips PDC point switches. The parts took a good deal of persuading to get together. I glued the bits the instructions said too but no way would they ever be coming apart again due to the tightness of the lugs.



The hole at the front has now been filled in with polystrene and paper mache and painted.

I am now working on mounting the PDC point switches and wiring these up. After that I can run some trains!!!

Then the scenery can start, which I cannot wait for.


Track Laying in progress





I have also treated myself to a dirt cheap lightbox off Ebay, here are two test shots:



Thanks for reading,



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