A few locos progressing…

Easter weekend last week meant a bit of free time, and some reasonably decent weather for at least the first day (!) so I took the opportunity to get the airbrush out and crack on with weathering a few long overdue projects….

First up is D3329, a Bachmann model which, in honesty, I’ve done nothing too aside from renumbering, reprinting her beams and rods red and weathering! I wanted a very basic 08 and this Wath allocated example seemed ideal, although I have no idea if 3329 was one of the examples that retained red lower parts rather than getting them painted yellow at the same time as receiving a coat of blue… As she later went on to become one of the cut down Landore locos no one will ever know! (Hopefully…) 

Next up, a loco that has definitely graced the pages of OTCM before, 5647. This started out life as a BR blue Hornby 31 and was subject to a repaint into BR green by Oly – his first repaint I believe! It has since come into my umbrella and has been a WIP for some time as I decided to cut the footsteps into the body side, as these were not modelled on the Hornby example. Many years later it’s finally finished! I added a characteristic bit of oil staining on the lower body sides using some AK Engine Grime wash, and re-weathered the altered parts to blend it all back together. 

This 37 has been sat in my stock box waiting for me to finish weathering her for years, D6739 was the first model I ever renumbered and added full yellow ends too. She looks to be in pretty tatty condition now (model wise) but the work charted in previous blog posts has payed dividends now she is completed. All that’s missing is the headcode surrounds from one end which I lost somewhere! I need to get round to trying to persuade Brian at Shawplan to add some replacements to his range…!

Finally, we have 1900, the Bachmann 47 which has previously been blogged about. I carried out a fair bit of work on this and as such am really happy with the way she has turned out. Aside from loosing two wipers in the weathering process that is!

All these models have been weathered using the same technique, namely a blast with a grimy grey/brown colour using the airbrush, paying particular attention to the chassis and roof (overspray tends to do the body sides sufficiently…) before removing from most side panels the majority of the paint using thinners on a cotton bud. In the case of the 47, I was looking for a nice clean finish on one side so this was followed by a very light polish, again using a cotton bud and some regular quite abrasive car polish.

Once this is done I then use a mixture of dry brushing and a few powders to highlight and blend certain areas, mainly around the exhaust and on the chassis, before giving the wheels a clean up and passing the loco for traffic…

Until next time.



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