Layout Progress # 2 – Scenery?

The layout with no name reached a critical stage this weekend with the points physically working and all wiring finished.

The problem is visually the progress is not very telling.

Does it work though? Well there is a question, and I am not sure is the answer. I had not realised that when we moved house I lost the track connector for my Bachmann controller. So no testing till the cable arrives mid week.

As I had to mount the point switches upside down they turned out to be a proper faff. Due to having a cut out at the front I could not mount them directly under the layout as the control rods would of protruded straight out of open ground. So I bodged it, but they work. If they will work under the spotlight of exhibiting remains to be seen though.

Thoughts are now turning to scenics. Static grass, puffer bottles and hanging basket liners wait in the wings.

Me and the kids had a little play with some grass and its instantly obvious the basket liner needs toning down with some dye. So that is now on the shopping list.

Anyway here are some photos of some more placed stock but its beginning to give its flavour away I think. Well I hope.

Overall view with half built bufferstop
New Austin 1300 awaiting conversion...
Bodging switches
Test Grass

Thank guys,



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