Layout Progress #3 & Rapido FL9

Happy Sunday Everyone, hope you are all well.

The layout with no name is pretty much a blank canvas now, a base layer of paint has been applied. It will now be a case of ballasting/grass/tarmac as the layout begins to raise up from the baseboard. It sort of looks like a cross between a volcano and the aftermath of a naplam attack at the minute, quite disheartening. However I will perserve and hopefully something akin to an actual landscape will slowly start to appear.



The road on the left is a right old mess, it needs some filling and sanding but the sticky foam I used worked well to a fashion.

With Rapido being in the UK model press at the minute with the release of the fab looking APT (its first proper UL release) it reminded me that in a box in a drawer lays the most expensive model I have ever brought. A Rapido EMD FL9.

Why do I own one? Well every 6 months me and Chris dream up a NY Penn Central 1969/70 layout. And we still do, infact 2016 may see something tangible come from this. We quite like the idea of a finescale Penn Central exhibtion layout presented in a British way… but I deviate.

I finally decided to pluck up the courage to weather the FL9. I wanted to do it REALLY rough (google Penn Central FL9) but the 69/70 timeframe meant the FL9s had not really got too bad and mine still has its New Haven numbering.

So here she is…






Thanks guys…



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