Layout Progress #4

Well there has been progress, it may look like my work rate has gone through the roof but it is more that the layout is at the stage where half an hour’s work gives a visual impact.

The grass was something that I was not expecting to take so far but got over excited. I am still not sure its where I want it and a final layer of patchy more dead grass applied may give it what I think is missing, particularly if I use a static grass applicator rather than a puffer bottle.

The giant black piles are future mounds of coal/general spoil. These are made from DAS and secured with PVA and painted black.

The yard surface and ballasting is real ash from the fire place sprinkled on tiling grout. The puddles still are not where I want them with plenty more varnish to be applied.

You can see the front left corner is still empty. That bit I will achieve last with the installation of a nice two sided building with the help of Pete Bond.

There is even a very rough and ready fascia board that needs tidying up/painting/attaching before it is fitted.

Weathering the road will be next and getting the whole thing up operationally up to scratch again.

Then the back left corner!

Then detail/detail/detail.

Excuse the stock missing buffers/couplings etc. The stock finishing will be toward the back end of layout construction. All available time and funds being pumped into the layout at present.

I have realised that I can be quite a tough critic on myself and I have had to remind myself a few times it is my first solo go at a proper adult layout and one for exhibitions too so I should not keep punishing myself if it is not the quality of something you may see in a mag.

I think a lot of people may feel like that and it can be a barrier to starting or finishing off a project and I am learning to push through that barrier by learning a new skill or even trying a new product. Its a very rewarding experience.

Its going to be quite a year for ‘firsts’ as for my 28th Birthday in May I recieved my first proper ‘loco’ kit. The DJH starter Andrew Barclay. Expect a running blog on that over the cold winter months.

As for how I am finding building a layout without Chris… it has been strange but to be fair at least half of my modelling time is spend on WhatsApp doing ‘over the phone’ modelling…

Thanks for the continued viewing everybody. Hope to meet some of you on the road soon.










2 thoughts on “Layout Progress #4

  1. It looks great Oly, kindles the same spark of interest in my eye as the other small space greats – e.g. Croft Depot, which always has me hankering for a micro layout of my own.

    I think you probably are being harsh, if your photos are reasonably representative of how it looks in the flesh. The textures in the mud/grime and the greenery look great IMO.

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