This Week…


Thank you for all the very kind comments and support for the layout. I am hoping to announce my first exhibition booking soon.

Also this week on OTCM look out for some road vehicle detailing tips, Chris’ journey to Scotland on the 1:1 scale railway and over the weekend hopefully some information on presenting your layout.

I just caught the Giesel fitted Andrew Barclay 0-6-0 crossing the road. Which reminds what a sad shame the closure of ARC models is. This kit was one of his excellent resin models and I was really looking forward to a lot more. Let us hope the RTR market keep the indsutrial flag flying. I just want to get my hands on that Hornby Peckett…

In other industrial modelling news Steve from Railtec forwarded me a link to a new collection of NCB transfers:

This fills a nice sized hole in the transfer market. That reminds me that Chris and I need to get cracking on some internal user wagons.

This was then followed by this shot from Golden Valley Hobbies/Oxford Rail of their forthcoming Janus. Woof!


All in all its been a good few days for industrial modelling.

Long may it continue.

Thanks guys,



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