NCB Guy Big J

Before we get started the layout with no name, has a name. Some of the more avid OTCM blog readers (Hi Mum) will have noticed the extra tab at the top entitled ‘Six Quarters’.

This is the new layout name, it sounds slightly Piratical (real word, probably wrong context) but it is a mined coal seam from the Whitehaven area. So in my imagination some of the coal in the land sale yard could of easily come from the Six Quarters seam.

But back to the Big J. Its tough to get NCB transfers for locos let alone trucks so the Corgi Guy Big J with its late style NCB transfers is perfect, if not very very yellow.

Flickr, as always, showed up some fantastic NCB truck photos which helped this detailing project.






Now the photos above are in a random order but the work is as follows:

/ Break down to all the bits
/ Spray body in matt varnish
/ Bend wheels to look like steering
/ Paint chassis and load area flat black
/ Add numberplate (model railway scenery)
/ Add wing mirrors (Scalelink)
/ Add cut up painted ASDA carry bag
/ Add Ecko signal ladders
/ Weather with powders


And here she is next to the next project…

Thanks Oly


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