Filthy Happenings…

It seems a while since the last blog post that was modelling related, please don’t think that means nothing has been happening on that front! As this post will hopefully show, much has been going on resulting in plenty of filthy stock!

I think Oly recently mentioned the weathering day we had a few weeks ago in the company of Mark, John and Pete, where various skills, ideas and abuse were exchanged… My output from that day was getting 2 class 40’s weathered and ready for finishing off – here’s how they look at present, obviously awaiting headcodes, and a buffer amongst other things.

Since then, I have been preoccupied putting the OTCM mineral wagon weathering technique to good use bringing 10 Airfix mineral wagons up to a satisfactory standard weathering wise, ready for numbers to be applied and the chassis to be painted. 

As well as working through a few more of the kits, plus a Parkside dia 1/109…. Building the Airfix kits means the vintage boxes can be put to good use for storage of some kind which is always a bonus!

Finally, work has also started on a Bachmann Covhop, a bit of light rusting applied to one side and Instanter couplings fitted. Removal of the tension locks has created space for the distinctive frame the prototypes carried behind the bufferbeam, so I’ll be creating this in the near future, as well as finishing the weathering! The Bachmann printing did not stand up too well to the rusting so this one will be getting renumbered….

That’s all for now.



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