Layout Progress #6

Evening everybody,

After some quick progress in quick succession the layout has reached a stage where it has petered out, this has also coincided with an insanely busy period at work and chicken pox for both my kids. All this coupled with long days on crappy commuter trains mean my modelling mojo has very little fighting chance.

However a couple of major milestones have been reached. The LED lights I spoke about last time were cheap but not really up for the challenge of exhibition lighting. I set the rig up but I could not balance the light to get the effect I wanted. In an exhibition environment I think the LEDs, although customisable, would struggle with a strong secondary light source.

I needed a quick win, as my tight as a duck’s behind approach had never let me down yet, the multi coloured LED’s now light up my children’s toy box much to their delight. But what about the layout?

Well my local B&Q (Like a DIY only Walmart) was flogging complete light tube kits for sub £20. So I brought and installed that, it sort of gives the effect of Sun breaking over a grey cloud. Just what you dreamed of I imagine when out in the UK’s collieries hunting death steam.

Here it is all lit up:


There a couple of things obvious in this photo, the ruddy point pull handles are still not cosmetically sorted and the middle one I broke – very frustrating and completely my own daft fault.

The second obvious thing is that ruddy great gap on the left, I am working on this so do not fear and hopefully the building that goes there will cover up the FY entrance and give some scenic interest that will draw a spectator in.



Another wagon gone through the same treatment as detailed in the weathering video, but with a new panel on the right hand side, chassis and load to still be sorted.

I have also had a good clean up of the room in which the layout lives, which although dull for a modelling blog, has meant everything is in reach and I have found things I had forgotten about – Yellow Morris Marina being one.

Me and Chris have been chatting and he got me hankering after some mainline weathering so I dug out this old project and sorted out the weathering, detail parts have been lost in attic transit but I do like it, but she might have to go if my ideas of a traction cull come to fruition.


I have not really done an update on my work activities, and the train operator me and Chris both work for has been getting a proper pasting of late. I will not dwell on that, it has been a very tough time for both of us. However  In a small glimmer of hope the class 700 was finally put into service these last few weeks and this has meant I can at least celebrate while the class 700 gears up for its next hurdle that it needs my help to steer it over.

So here is Driver D. Lodge doing his stuff. It is very humbling to look at a photo like this and know I did my fair bit, even down to training Mr Lodge to drive it.

Siemens Train, Blackfriars, London 24 May 2016.

Thank you and here is to the week bringing some more opportunities to do some modelling,



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