Layout Progress #7

What I have I been up to? little jobs since being back from Wales really:

  • I sorted out two internal user wagons based on prototypes from the ever great Bartlett website.
  • Changed the crew in the Andrew Barclay from blue clad steam men to the hi viz wearing NCB men of the 70s.
  • Added single arm gate and post on entrance to yard
  • Small fence next to bus stop
  • Removed foreground telegraph pole.
  • Added stand pipe
  • Planning next layout

I think the biggest change visually is not actually modelling but the removal of the pole. It was in the wrong place and removing it made me realise it was that bugging me the whole time. It really has changed the way I look at the layout at least. I had fallen out of love a bit with the layout but following these small adjustments the enthusiasm is back and I spent 5 minutes just standing back and looking at it and I am very happy how it all looks. Just gotta get that ruddy building sorted…

Next weekend my sister is down from Twickenham and I know you are all wondering why you should care, well she is a dab hand at watercolours and after months of fannying around and saying it was never going to happen I think she is going to try and do some backscene landscapes to make the whole thing look a little deeper and more Cumbrian. I am terrified at the idea quite frankly.  But like Chris says I can paint over it if it all goes horribly wrong.

The lack of depth had been a small bug bear but I had always planned to just live with it, but some chatting on MRH and a random text from Chris late one night ‘I think SQ needs a painted backscene and I have no idea how you can do it’ I am going to have to take some brave pills. Chris is also down at mine for the weekend and oddly will be the first time he has seen the layout.











6 thoughts on “Layout Progress #7

    1. I am trying to sort a one-on-one with Pete to build it, the layout has had nothing there for so long I am freaking out about what it will look like with something quite big there!

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading about the SQ layout. It reminds me a lot of the Hunter Valley Coal lines I’d see when travelling with mum and dad through Newcastle (NSW Australia) and surrounds when on holidays.
    You’ve nailed the track bed and the profile of the compacted dust over the sleepers completely.

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