Saturday Steel

It occurred to me that it is only a couple of weeks until I make my annual pilgrimage to Scunthorpe for a trip round the steelworks courtesy of the Appleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society (AFRPS) who operate out of a small compound within the vast steelworks complex.

For anyone who has not done one of these tours and is into industrial railways, I strongly recommend it as a must visit!

I have shared below a few pictures from a hot sunny day (yes the sun really does shine in Scunthorpe!) last August when I last visited. Fingers crossed this year there will not be too many signs of decline after the awful couple of years the UK steel industry has been through…



Plus a couple from a few years ago when the weather was certainly much more atmospheric (ie it was pouring down all day). Were I to find space to model a steelworks, it would have to be on a wet, overcast day!


Thats all for now. I am planning on collecting my new layout from my parents house at some point in the next week so hopefully some further progress will begin to be seen on that!





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