The Model To Save Hornby?

Just over a year ago Hornby announced the Peckett W4, the first major steam outline 0-4-0 since Dapol’s L&Y pug. For the first time, I have certainly seen, pre-ordered allocations are selling out.

Why all the fuss? The answer is simple, Hornby have hit a gold mine and for them it could not come soon enough.

The Peckett is the first model to truly be like the original Mini car, it has infinite possibilities for customising. Its small size means its suitable for a new generation of layouts that fit in modern homes, and it’s cheap compared to the big stuff. Add to that it can just about be seen working in every corner of the nation, it is simply the loco for the masses at the right time.

The chassis will no doubt replace the Dapol pug chassis as the first choice for bashers and kit manufacturers for a myraid of other 0-4-0 bodies. I have not been this excited about a ready to run release since Heljan announced class 33s back in the 2000’s.

This little loco really could save Hornby and if that is not enough to convince you, just look at it…

The little loco is still promised to start it’s revolution before Christmas and in breaking with frugal traditions OTCM towers have TWO on order. I think that probably says it all.


Hornby already have the service sheet online:


Does this look like an easy conversion to EM/P4? It could also be the first step into a finer world without any suspension larks, just like the original Dapol pug.

A comprehensive review will be undertaken right here, so watch this space.



4 Replies to “The Model To Save Hornby?”

  1. Nothing too scary in the service sheet, so hopefully an easy conversion at least to EM. Key thing will be axle diameter, and hopefully that’s the usual 3mm.

    I’m also very much looking forward to these, and I suspect the small suppliers will soon offer chassis kits for those wanting to really gild the lily. Could be a good entry point into brass chassis building for newbies like me.

  2. I really regret not pre-ordering one. They look quite sharp and I’m a sucker for a small engine. Looking forward to learning more about the model and seeing what modellers do with theirs.


  3. Looks gorgeous. I wonder how many of them will very shortly be appearing on eBay at inflated prices? Congratulations to Hornby for picking something different and not just another main line loco.

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