The only P4 loco in my collection

You do not often get anything ‘Mainliney’ on the blog but sometime ago Mark let me run my green class 26 on Portchullin after I found a cheap Ultrascale conversion set on eBay, finally breaking up all those blue full yellow ends.

As Chris and I are heading to Manchester as two Portchullin Roadies I thought she could go through an exam ready for another meet.

The detailing is a bit past it now as it really is getting on in age and I would do better this time around, however I did modify the suspension, touch up some paint and mount the body the right way around (!) this time so she is ready, along with her maroon Mk1, to travel to Manchester in December…

See you there?

Exam finished

‘Errrrr whats going on?’

Middle – As it started. Top – cut off. Bottom – Modded

Packed and ready for Manchester



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