2016’s Wishlist and Industrial Engines

Standard Gauge industrial modelling is at times a rare beast in the UK, however 2016’s Wishlist shows an extraordinary desire for the humble industrial engine. In fact an industrial 0-6-0 is the actual wishlist winner.

If you look at the 2016 wishlist results, you will notice with 443 votes that the BR Std 2 is number one. But if you peel back the figures you will notice that there are two extremely similar categories:

Industrial 0-6-0ST – Outside Cylinders

Industrial 0-6-0T – Outside Cylinders

Now some of us would say these are one and the same thing, they had 312 and 309 votes respectively. That puts them at a combined volume of 621 votes. Well above the votes of the BR Std 2. If you dig deeper the results for the 0-4-0 are similar, combining both categories give you a total of 600. 1221 votes for decent industrial RTR locos?

The question is are the manufacturers listening? I think Hornby have hopefully just had that moment of accidentally striking oil.

I have mentioned that the Hornby 0-4-0 Peckett may just save Hornby, but I think industrial modelling may just help bolster the hobby for the next generation. In the modern world of tiny houses and squeezed budgets a small prototypical layout is suddenly an option with a handful of RTR industrial engines. All infinitely customisable and adaptable to every conceivable industry. With steam not eradicated in 1968 but still etched in the memories of further, newer generations.

Prototypical industrial railways followed loose ideas and concepts from their mainline big brothers so they never followed any set of ‘general’ rules. It gives modelers the chance to do that, it means you can be prototypical without actually obeying the prototype. That probably makes about as much sense as starting to watch Game of Thrones midway through the fourth series. But if you think about it what other genre of standard gauge modelling could you comfortably and without a squirm create your own company or livery?

For example check out Bury, Thorn and Sons on RMweb,


See, all fictitious but all very prototypical.


My advice to the manufacturers if any listen is keep them cheap, keep them generic and get them sold,





One thought on “2016’s Wishlist and Industrial Engines

  1. Very true – everything “Main Line” has been done to death IMO. I fear any recession now could see a repeat of the early 80s, when the manufacturers produced a huge glut of locomotives into the market just as the buyers closed their wallets.
    Dapol producing the Austerity tank was an inspired move but I was always surprised, since they sold unpainted wagons, that they didn’t offer an unpainted Austerity as almost anything goes on one of those! Hornby’s Sentinel diesel is another excellent innovation.
    For a new prototype industrial, perhaps a standard-ish Barclay 0-4-0ST or a Ruston 88DS. Both some of the most common industrial locos built in their hundreds and in the case of the Barclay, the opportunity to sell multiple versions with slight detail differences (so bringing in the cash from the collectors, if nothing else).

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