Manchester 2016

Last weekend saw a complete OTCM compliment (yep, all 2 of us) helping out Mark Tatlow operate Portchullin at the Manchester show, which, all in, was a quality weekend, even if Mark did manage to select a non alcoholic curry house for dinner on Friday!!

Although all the exhibits were to a good standard, one thing I noticed was the high quality of architectural modelling on show throughout the exhibition, with the standouts being The Worlds End, Dewsbury Midland and Grime Street.

Now The Worlds End has been well documented before, and if I’m honest, its buildings are rather upmarket and clean for my interests, despite being beautifully constructed, so I thought that for a change, I’d share a few photos of both Dewsbury and Grime Street’s wonderfully evocative scenes with no trains present, to sum the show up:


Grime Street:

That’s all for now folks.



6 thoughts on “Manchester 2016

    1. We’ll let you off Mark!!

      Agree it’s the views you can get down streets and under bridges that work the best… definitely pleased we didn’t have to take it down at the end though!

  1. Thanks for the kind words on ‘Grime Street’ but I’m nowhere near the level of the other two mentioned! Nice to meet you and have a very brief chat in person too….it was a touch busy and I was a bit behind on prep etc after the tribulations of the previous month.


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