My Peckett and I

As readers know over at OTCM we have been excited about Hornby’s Peckett for some time. It finally landed on the approach to Christmas and I do not think a single person has been disappointed. It seems it is almost completely sold out worldwide, which is astonishing in itself.

I had originally ordered the MSC Green example from Hattons, but in the 7 minutes it took me to ring Hattons back with updated card details the buggers had sold my pre-order, so I ended up with a blue one in Huntley and Palmers blue with £5 knocked off, not bad considering I was planning on slicing it up I guess.

Paul Marhsall Potter has done a great review over on his Albion Yard blog (

But does it have its criticisms? Well yeah, probably, but that is a bit like me being married to Heidi Klum and moaning that she could have slightly longer legs. The fact that this model exists, it works and it is as lovely as it is makes minor criticism irrelevant in my book.

The model has been designed to allow Hornby to model a variety of different styles, the buffer beams and cab back are all interchangeable, I expect in the new 2017 catalogue due in January for some lovely  new Peckett variations, with an open cab back to show off the great cab interior. Knowing my luck one that looks identical to the one I am currently making a hash of.

Be aware as always though of detachable things, especially the whistle that has somehow managed to cling onto the model but I would be surprised if it survives. Also when unscrewing the body do not put your thumbs on the valve gear as it bends quite easily. As if I would of done that though! Pah!

I have not yet finished my Peckett, but I have made all the major modifications, but don’t judge anything that looks too dodgy as it is all getting ready for paint. Do not fear though when it is completed it will still look exceptionally homemade and bodged.

The mods to this little Peckett are new buffer beams, couplings, Archers rivets, buffers, straight smokebox handrail, trimmed back smokebox valances, trimmed in half chimney and a new dome. I have not had to buy anything, my favourite type of modelling. The sole brief of the modifications were to make it less twee and much more rugged and purposeful.

It is only when you see it next to the original are the modifications perhaps more apparent.

I wanted to show you it in it’s non finished state for all the other Peckett owners wondering what to do with their little beasts over the Christmas break….

Thanks everyone,







3 thoughts on “My Peckett and I

  1. Tim Hale


    May I ask what happened to the chimney, dome and safety valve? I missed the initial release and could only find the MSC version.

    1. Hello Tim,

      Hey Tim, the chimney was badly cut in half and reglued together so that is long gone after bodging and the dome was from an LNER N15 kit I brought from Dean Sidings that I can never remember what I brought it for and it’s slowly using up its white metal castings. I might have the original dome somewhere if your after it?

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