One weekend, 2 shows!

It’s not often I end up split between which show to visit in a particular weekend, and even rarer that I actually end up doing 2 because I can’t choose, but given the fact the inaugural DEFine modellers day fell on the same weekend as the CMRA’s Stevenage show that’s exactly what happened last weekend.

So to review: The DEFine show on Saturday was great, a top quality few hours were spent chatting with various like minded people about all sorts of unusual topics that would have any casual observer struggling to keep their eyes open, yet couldn’t be more interesting if they tried.

Thanks must go to Paul Marshall Potter for letting me have a play with Albion Yard, and some time was spent admiring this rather tasty rake of minerals sat on the layout:

From the layouts under construction demonstrations, Splott and Shirebrook both stood out massively for me (probably no real surprise given they are both models of heavily industrialised prototypes) and chatting to Bertie who is building Shirebrook left me in admiration for the mans persistance to achieve a totally accurate model! 

I’ve just realised I didn’t take any photos of Shirebrook but look at the prototype and you’ll get the idea!

After a trip back to Kent, the Sunday saw a full OTCM contingent, including senior members heading back north to Stevenage, with what appeared to be an exceptionally strong layout and trade line up on the cards, which wa proven to be correct.

There were some stunning layouts on show, Canada Street, Copenhagen Fields and Sidmouth probably standing out as the poster girls, the best bit though was the lack of very much ‘infill’ that most larger shows now seem to rely on to make up stand numbers (read layouts of a very dubious quality…)

The layout that caught our attention most though was Chica, IL by Peter North. We love a bit of small space run down US Railroading and this fit the bill perfectly, I’ll let the photos do the talking!

So all in all a bloody great show, and I don’t think we even drooled excessively on Canada Street while stood in front admiring just about everything on it… definitely one to go back to next year!



One thought on “One weekend, 2 shows!

  1. I love going to shows for exactly the reasons you mention. I an get the chance to talk to people with the same interests, ask questions that get good answers and see examples of layout ideas.

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