Life in the old girl yet.

As Oly alluded too when reviewing the DJM Austerity a couple of posts back, we have modified a good number of the Dapol/Hornby example, and in a way it is the model that has driven both of us forward massively in terms of our modelling skills.

Now the DJM example is definitely not perfect, and in many ways still needs a lot of the parts replacing with etched bits that you would fit to the Dapol model, so towards the end of last year I decided as an experiment, using a spare Dapol body and chassis, to see if you could easily modify the old lady to bring her up to a similar standard to the new kid on the block, using only straightforward techniques and with a limited skill level…

Alongside the usual jobs to remove the BR bits from the model, I have reprofiled the chassis, removed the seam from the saddle tank and replaced the smokebox door fittings. Then the model has benefitted from RT models bufferbeams, Gibson buffers, RT cab spectacle surrounds, RT stoker chimney and replacement handrails simply done from 0.4mm brass wire. All that remains now are the finishing parts, some coal in the bunker, crew and painting the buffer heads.

It’s probably worth saying that not everything has been plain sailing with this project; having spent ages filling and sanding down the joint in the saddle tank, and got the loco in paint, I then proceeded to drop the body and knock off the lower tank sections, undoing all my hard work! A localised repair on this and a repaint has seen much of this disappear, although there is still a paint seam on one side visible in the photos… this isn’t as bad in reality but a steam pipe may get added to hide it! I then chose to give it a quick spray with some Tamiya Smoke to finish the weathering, which much to my horror as it dried came out gloss! A coat of Dullcote and some weathering powders have seen the worst of this toned down but it was a scare none the less! Even when I went out to take the photos it decided to start raining, perhaps it’s a cursed loco!!

If there is interest in how I sorted the saddle tank seam I’ll put together another post on that at some point in the future.

Until next time, happy modelling!



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