First Batch transferred to the WNXX pool.

Here is the first batch of surplus stuff up for grabs, I am going to give it 24 hours on the blog before eBay, message if interested or for photos. There is nothing too life changing in this lot. For those wondering what WNXX means it is the TOPS allocation (BR computer system) for stock that is up for disposal.

I have no real means of testing anything but 99% of stuff is as it was chassis wise when it was brought new with no running in most cases, any deviations to this rule I will mention.

I will post abroad if really required, nothing is in a box that could be described as factory fresh but anything in really bashed up cardboard is mentioned.

1/ Some N gauge bits, consists of a Graham Farish class 24 that has been converted, crudely, to a Scottish 24/1. In primer, will need redoing if I am honest. Also 3 wagons and a brake van, all missing their wheels and couplings but quite nicely weathered. £45 the lot plus £4.00 postage.

2/ Brand New J15 Hornby R3381 in Early Crest as far as I am aware it is as it came from China £75 plus £5 postage.

3/ Same as above but Hornby R3242 LNER K1 in Br Early Crest, £90 plus £5 postage

4/ A pair of nice condition Mainline Blue and Grey Mk1s one an SK open and the other BSK £30 the pair plus £3.00 postage

5/ Complete Lima ARC Roadstone Hooper Wagon in slightly bashed box £5 plus £2.50 postage

6/ Heljan Class 16, as good as new, in fact I think it is new still. D8401, Heljan 16011. GSYE £70 plus £5 postage

7/ Rapido Trains, weathered by me, New Haven Railroad FL 9 (Modernized) £150 plus £7.50 postage

8/ HST project pack, two GC Power Car bodies (The ones with buffers) with associated chassis (R2705) plus also two Lima HST early executive colour body shells £110 plus £7.50 postage.



One thought on “First Batch transferred to the WNXX pool.

  1. The Class 16 has a look that speaks to me, but I just bought a 3D printer and I’m pretty sure my wife would murder me if I spent that kinda money on trains right now 🙂

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