A*sehole Austerity

As mentioned previously some models seem to enjoy being worked on, the previous workbench favourite the Peckett was a dream to work on. The DJM Austerity has been a crash back to reality. Its fought every single bloody bit of modelling done to it and still refuses to behave.

Now I hate doing handrails. They are the work of the devil. On an Austerity its a pretty simple affair, on pulling out the handrail knobs everyone of them snapped at the shoulder. This was the first job I did. I had to drill out every broken knob. I am still get rage thinking about it.

Then the bloody magnetic smokebox door. On first pass this seems a great idea. Until you realise motor access is three screws away, its an uneeded luxury that when you want to add a Giesl injector and have a decent flush face becomes a sodding nightmare.

And the three screws should be easy to get out if they had not been tightened by a terminator and made with metal forged in a chocolate factory.

If this is beginning to sound like a rant it is probably because it is. I am feeling better sharing my frustrations already. 

Its a bit like when you buy a house, looks can be deceptive until you start peeling back the wallpaper. Just ask Chris.

The next mess up is my fault. The RT etch comes with a Giesl blanking plate for the smokebox front. Perfect. Problem was I was modelling the Austerity now because I felt I had to not because I wanted to. So I cut out the Giesl recess without first checking the size of the blanking plate. The result? A gap too big. Obviously.

After forgetting to get some more Swan Mortons and trying to create a new plate out of Plastikard with a butter knife I decided to try and do what I have wanted to do in a while and bodge the Giesel recess sans blanking plate. It meant more modelling and it needs a bit of finesse but I am happy with it.

So here she is primer, mods are:

  • Door Dart
  • Giesl and recess
  • Handrails
  • Steps
  • Injectors
  • Random hole filling
  • Couplings
  • Cab spectacles
  • Mould lines carved off
  • Cab coal hatch

I think that is it. You will notice in the photos the utter b*stards smokebox door is still not sat right. This will take more work. I tried to glue it flush with the saddle’s sides but this makes it too narrow for the chassis. By its very nature of it having to come off means it has to be smaller than the apature. I have experimented with removing some of the chassis plastic. More work needed.

I might have to leave it in a box for 12 weeks to let our relationship renew.



9 thoughts on “A*sehole Austerity

  1. I understand exactly what you mean. The Peckett i converted to look more like a “George Jennings” It was a joy to work on,got a sound chip in there as well. It’s well designed and came apart easily for us modellers to play around with.
    I was looking at the Austerity from JD models but after the running issue of the previous 02 it has put me off.(con rods and drive trains fighting each other) Reading your posts on the Austerity i get the impression one can’t go far wrong just buying the old Hornby/Dapol version.Saying that, this looks like a cracking kit. http://www.modelrailways.tv/4mm-scale-page1.html

    1. Its amazing that kit is in stock, once they go it seems a long time before they come up again in stock. I was reading an old MRJ about a brassmasters austerity but I think its as rare as hens teeth now. Next up I am thinking Comet J94 chassis under an old Airfix kit body. I really fancy another Peckett but converting it to an 0-6-0.

  2. bawdsey

    Have you tried yours running down an incline yet? with a load behind it (one coach) on a 3% incline mine binds 4 x every revolution. Intrigued to know if its just mine or more widespread.

    1. Don’t tell anyone Paul I haven’t run it at all yet! I am mid way through moving between the spare room and a dedicated shed space so all my stuff is stashed. When I get set up I will have a look. To be honest the ‘feel’ of it has not inspired confidence of it working that sweet.

      1. bawdsey

        I don’t think the all wheel drive will be a problem, or the electrical pick up. Mine runs acceptably well on ‘flat’ track, bo0th Shelfie and AYd have their share of lumps and bumps, but downhill with a load ‘pushing’it, even four unladen Bachmann 16T’ers it cogs 4 x per revolution. Shelfie2 is in planning so a hilly bit with my example wont go well.

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