Massive Modelling Inspiration

Sometimes while trawling YouTube, you find something which just clicks and inspires you, so this evening, while heading to the videos previously linked by Oly as Friday Filth, I came across this, and wow! What a system, with small locos and short trains on steep gradients, what’s not to love!

The Day Stan Left
So please click the link and spend 6 minutes of your life watching as it is well worthwhile! 



10 thoughts on “Massive Modelling Inspiration

  1. You weren’t kidding. That sure is inspirational.

    As mentioned in the video, the ambient sound really contributes to the quality of the experience.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  2. Ben

    Thanks for sharing- that is the sort of thing I’ve always wanted to model, a railway with a single locomotive pottering about… the atmosphere in that vid is brilliant, and weird to think it was not all that long ago really, but it seems like a different world looking back from 2017.

    1. It does indeed Ben, its such a nice compact track layout too with the lines coming downhill, before reversing into the main factory… I can picture it as an L shaped or even just gently curved layout with the river at the front, allowing you to model those water outlet pipes in all their grimy glory!

  3. Have you guys seen Gandy Dancer Productions’ other videos on the Astley Green and Walkden Colliery Railway?

    They are really well made and evocative. Especially ‘Battle for the Canal Bridge’ with the two Austerities roaring and snorting trying to get the train out of the yard.

    1. Hi Corwin, yes we have seen those ones too, absolutely brilliant! Battle for the canal bridge is inspiring and always a good one to watch if you’ve got some spare time as it will inspire you to do modelling!!

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