Peckettry Part 2

Anyone who reads this blog often enough will most likely know we are massive fans of the Hornby Peckett. Although mine turned up between Christmas and the New Year, and I cut it up in January, I’ve only just had a chance to get some decent photos of it!

Using a Dodo base model, like Oly I wanted to make it look a bit more workmanlike, but didn’t want to go down the route of a full respray, and having found plenty of photos of Peckett products in service still wearing the base green livery with the lining WELL worn off, this was the route I decided on…

There’s a fair number of small alterations I’ve done to the loco from factory spec, all of which hopefully blend together to create a unique model a bit different from the rest!

I’ll let the photos explain the rest:


4 Replies to “Peckettry Part 2”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Wow, what a nice model! I really like how you have finished it.
    It looks very realistic and wish I could climb aboard ‘er.
    Thanks for the posting, most interesting.
    You and Oly have a really neat blog here and I will be looking in 🙂

    Rick (Fillmore)

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