Layout Progress #10

Although layout progress has been lacking on the blog that is not to say there has not been any developments. Between ranting about Austerities and foaming over class 71s my ‘workshop’ aka the glorified shed has been finished.

I have alluded at great length to the problems with ‘House Modelling’ and its ability to strain even the most solid of relationships with the way it can stain even the most expensive of rugs.

Thanks to Chris never ever being able to say ‘No’ he agreed to help my shed fit out. So we spent a weekend getting splinters and inhaling insulation dust. With a good 7 years taken off our life expectancy (really we should start using PPE) we sat back and admired the finished product.

Its good. Its bloody lovely in fact. Six Quarters has taken residence and now the final touches can be made and running concentrated on.The list of jobs is still quite impressive however. Its just amazing to finally be in a position to have the layout and fiddle yard set up as they would be at an exhibition. 

Thankfully my Mum is pretty handy on a sewing machine so a nice curtain is incoming to really finish off the shed.
In terms of the layout, there is new point handles, a bloody large tree and now 3/4s of a building. 

A massive thank you to Mr Tatlow of Portchullin who, while I supervised, spent our last modelling day rekindling old tree building skills. I would of helped but I was so, accidentally, hungover my mind felt like it had been turned to liquid. The tree is a lot of splayed picture hanging wire twisted and soldered. I then painted it with a polyfilla/paint/PVA mix with painting and dry brushing to complete.

And now the scene looks like this,

Payday on Friday will see a nice tin of Dulux black to finish painting all the layouts exposed bits. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and theres a couple of spare walls in that shed…



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