A Bloody Wedding

Today was a big arse day.

Chris got married to his girlfriend Heather and model trains have a lot to do with it.

As a true believer Chris was allowed ‘to do’ the wedding favours. So obviously he choose OO gauge wagons carrying personalised gin.

In this photo the wagons are obvious, however the gin has already departed. After all I was there.

There is no small wonder Chris has done no modelling of late as every wagon was sprayed and hand written (bugger that)

Luckily however we were all allowed to keep ours so expect a super detailed version soon.

Saturday Heather and Chris are having a big old piss up and a lot of modelling people are going (also maybe expect a drunken selfie, but to finescale standards)

I imagine all our readers along with myself wish Chris and Heather a happy marriage.



6 thoughts on “A Bloody Wedding

  1. Chris, what are you thinking about………………………you have left the tension lock couplings on; don’t you have any standards at all?

    Well done to the two of you and I will see you on Saturday.

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