Layout Progress #11

There has not been much modelling on this blog of late, it is that time of the year over in Blighty where the weather likes to tease us hopers into believing we might have a decent summer. In the UK there is one thing you learn quickly, when the sun does come out you just go out immediately as you literally may be living through what summer there is.

This added with Chris’ preparation for the big day and well its all been a bit stale. Chris is up to his arse in DIY in his love nest and I have started a new job which means I am settling in with long hours and a light work load which can be tedious.

And there are a couple of modelling projects greeting me every time I go in the shed that I would rather did not remind me they existed.

But I digress with excuses because I have been saving my pennies and brought some bits for SQ. Remember that big hole that needed a building? That then got a shell? Well yeah, here she is, the newsagents from Lowca, Whitehaven. It would not of got where it is was it not for Pete building the basic shell and Chris’ impressive nagging to get it done. There are still a couple of bits that need adding, but yeah it was that grim in real life. The patch of brick work is also copied from the prototype, here is a link to the photo that started the love affair with all things ‘NCB’:

Gordon Edgar’s Amazon at Lowca



There is also a much needed flagman, he was a Bachmann Scenecraft station member suitably ‘Northernised’ #Finescaleflatcaps


Dangerously nearing a cliche is something I really had the horn for doing, a dog waiting for it’s owner. The dog seems miraculously strong to bend the lamp post, this is my dodging modelling and needs straightening. The level crossing sign I bodged from some plastikard after buying some crap signs for roughly a fiver, more fool me. Again copied from the one used at Lowca.


Above and below is the whole scene together.


I hope you all like the update, I am quite into it on the whole. Its really given my mojo back and I still get shocked at what I can achieve with half an hour a night and a sleeping pattern devised by toddlers as well as pretty basic skills.

The layout is also showing signs of actually working after a long time pretty much inactive. I found some DCC chips with capacitors on eBay from ‘the far east’ (always worryingly generic) and instead of burning down the entire workshop are giving sterling service and seem to be working without fault even in that bloody DJ Models Austerity.

Hopefully we should have more modelling coming at a decent rate over the next few months. Some of our American and Canadian friends have been inspiring us massively and we hope in the next couple of months to give you an insight into how that inspiration is turning into something physical.

Bye for now and happy modelling,





12 thoughts on “Layout Progress #11

  1. Well done Oly, you can feel the good honest dirt getting under fingernails.

    mind you, I am not surprised that the West Highland Terrier has managed to bend the lamp post, the thing is a monster – it must be five feet tall!!

    1. He is a big old unit isn’t he! Maybe a more scale pooch is needed. Or I may just pretend its me trying ‘forced perspective’. Hopefully Pete has a spare HO one knocking around.

      1. The effects of Sellafield nuclear disposal point on the local hound population should not be underestimated… Chris

  2. That’s a fantastic piece of modelling, realistic and atmospheric. I had to look twice to see if it was a model, or a prototype photo you’d snook in.

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