A summer of no inspiration…

…Yep, you may well have guessed from the lack of activity on here recently, that both myself and Oly have been going through a phase of being completely uninspired. I could lie and say that was due to us enjoying a normal life but the words normal and us don’t really wash… so, while Oly has been LDV van spotting in Scotland, I’ve been farting around with a few models but not really achieving much, and getting stuck on the train for bloody ages trying to get home from the Exeter show…

Last weekend things got back on track a bit though, with one of our roughly quarterly modelling day being held with Mark Tatlow and Pete Bond, in which I actually got some stuff to a standard worth photographing. Given most of the day was spent either taking the piss out of one another, getting soaked in the rain, or in the pub, I feel that’s an achievement worth writing home about!

A break in the British summertime rain this evening gave me the chance to grab some photos in the evening sun, so here are the mediocre fruits of the OTCM summer production:

I’ve got a few Parkside 21 ton minerals together and looking pretty decent, although all are still waiting for buffers, couplings and painting, which will happen at some point…

I splashed out on one and treated it to some Prickley Pear semi sprung W irons, produced by good friend Paul Tasker – this seems to have been successful and it will be interesting to see the difference in running once in the rake. The concept of this system involves the two rocking W irons being linked by fine wire, with a central pivot point to limit the amount of play… therefore providing a halfway house to springing, without the complicated bits!

I also got the chance to weather my pair of Hornby Sentinels over the weekend – these have simply been repainted and (not very well) filled along the seam in the bodyside… which looks worse in the photos than in reality, honest! Shawplan Laserglaze makes a massive improvement too, and that’s about it. There’s still a way to go with these, and they need some identities before too long, but getting them this far has spurred me on a bit…

The colour is inspired by the wonderful shade of green British Steel liked to use in the 1970’s, and weathering has been applied with an airbrush then cleaned back using thinners, building this up layer by layer, until the desired effect is achieved. Dry brushing some detail and a little bit of work with some powders got me to this result, which I am pretty pleased with.

Finally, the arrival of this during the week has got the creative juices running a bit, so let’s see what happens next month! 



4 Replies to “A summer of no inspiration…”

    1. I’m far from being qualified on the subject Jim, and have never built a spring chassis, but it struck me as being a simpler method… I’ll have to try a sprung chassis now to compare!

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