Weathering someone else’s weathering

A few weeks ago I got a message from Oly spring up on my phone one evening. ‘MATE LOOK AT YOUR PHONE ITS URGENT’ What could be up, car crash? Kids in hospital? North Korea signalling the end of the world? Turns out it was something far more important, a load of Bachmann 16 tonners had just been listed on eBay with a very reasonable buy it now price!

Eight were duly snapped up for the collection (yes I definitely needed another 8, 45 is nowhere near enough, it’s man maths, don’t ask me to explain) and due to my epic lack of enthusiasm over the past few weeks they got taken out the box and left on the side.

Now the previous owner had fitted these examples with three links and Gibson wheels, good news so far. However they had also done some weathering that had seemingly not gone quite according to plan, leaving me with some cow patterned minerals! 

Last night I finally mustered up the enthusiasm to take on the Freisian rust and see what I could do to improve things – the outcome of which I have to say I’m pretty pleased with, in my eyes a big improvement over what I started with, as these before and after shots hopefully show! 

Technique used was the OTCM standard, involving Games Workshop Typhus Corrosion and a variety of matt browns and blacks from Tamiya, building up the layers and covering the old weathering in the process.

Just got to keep the enthusiasm up and do the other 7 now!



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