BIG NEWS – RTR Andrew Barclay

post-28458-0-92478800-1505119221It was going to happen sooner rather than later…

Hattons have a hit on their hands and I’ve taken all my clothes off and am now running around naked.

Today is a good day.



4 thoughts on “BIG NEWS – RTR Andrew Barclay

  1. Lovely.
    But £99 is a bit out of my price range. Did you see the comment from the guy who’s ordered four Barclays and three Ps? What are the odds on at least five of those being listed on eBay early in the new year….. 😦

    1. People are bonkers, sometimes when I read these posts online saying they will have this and that I always think I need their jobs. That or the next financial crisis will actually be triggered by model train nutters buying thousands of uneeded models on credit?!

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